JavaScript Developer (React)

The Project

We invite an experienced JavaScript developer to join the team working on a project for our client – the worldwide leader in networking and security.

Our team creates an online-console for management of the internet-devices of the next-generation firewall (NGWF) users. The main goal of the product is to facilitate the network connection security management using fast and convenient setup process, intuitive interface, and graphic reports for tracking the current system status.

Why It Is Important

The product is the neural center for the key network security systems and it allows to universally manage the firewalls and the systems preventing the spread of malicious software and network attacks.

What You’ll Do

Develop new features for the client-side of the online-console for management of the internet-devices of the next-generation firewalls (NGFW).

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • 3+ years of experience in JavaScript development.

  • Knowledge of ES2015+, CSS3, React v16.12, Redux, TypeScript.

  • Experience in using design patterns, attention to the naming of the variables/functions/classes.

  • Experience with NPM, Webpack.

  • At least Intermediate level of written and spoken English.

Other Project Technologies

Java, Ember.js. We can discuss a position with using these technologies.

What We Offer

  • Stable long-term project.

  • Compensation of business trips, conferences, and educational programs.

  • Direct interaction with the customer.

  • Compensation package.

  • Flexible schedule, option to work remotely when necessary.

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